Preview Tonight’s Facebook Flash Sale

Tonight Pulse has amazing new items picked just for you only on our Facebook Wall at 8pm CST.

See an item you like simply comment sold, size and email (If it’s your first time).  You can also pre register by clicking here.  Then check your inbox for your invoice and submit payment within 12 hours.  To learn more about how our flash sale works click here.  We accept returns for flash sale credit. For detail about our return policy click here.

Pulse Tip:  Go to our wall at 8pm sharp, and refresh browser until you do not see any new items.  Most items will not show up in your news feed.

4403220_TEANROSE_FASHION_TOP_AT4351_03 4196257_D8144 (9) 4400081_T6292 (4) MT5439_MT5439Navy 4404559_TA_ 61 4402678_15p297 (5) 4402529_16c893 (8) 4405376_CBY150619LJ01_BLUE_L_0 4392842_front ID13509_front 4397835__DSC9442 4121844_ENTRO_FASHION_TOP_T2859_04012015_001


Author: Pulse Fashion

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