What Men Really Think About Women’s Fashion Trends

I enlisted the help of my fiancé to break down which women’s fashion trends are a YES and which are a NO in the eyes of men. But remember, this is only one guy’s opinion! Here is what he had to say:



What he said: No

What I say: Ladies, I love this trend! I think there are some flattering styles and cuts out there that can help lengthen legs and slim figures. I bought a pair a year ago and never wore them because once I put them on, they felt more like pajama pants. But, I say go for it if it works for you!

4428099_15m922 (4)


What he said: (Well, when I first asked, he said he didn’t know what fringe was) Yes and no. He liked the subtle fringe detailing but not the full out, big, long fringe looks.

What I say: Fringe is probably the #1 trend for fall 2015. It would be easy to go overboard, but try a fringe detailed hemline or a fringe bag. Shop our fringe styles here



What he said: No

What I say: I am a fan of jumpsuits for sure! We are seeing more tapered leg options rolling in. These can be super flattering or totally un-flattering depending on your body type.



What he said: Yes

What I say: Of course!! The best part about maxi dresses is they can be worn into the fall season by adding a light jacket. I think they’re super sleek and can be dressed up or down, to fit any occasion. Shop maxi dresses that I love here



What he said: Yes

What I say: Yes yes yes!! A leather jacket is an absolute must have for fall/winter. You can layer it over tops, sweaters, and even dresses!! This year, we’re also seeing a lot of suede jackets. Shop my favorite jacket of the season here


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