Buyer Remorse Be Gone! Four tips for never making another shopping mistake

I hate when I get home from a shopping spree and immediately start doubting my purchase decisions! Or even worse, when you buy something and then it sits in your closet forever unworn. Here are some expert tips to avoid this dilemma.


1. Assess your closet before going out on a shopping trip

Arrange your closet into categories, like tops, skirts, dresses, and pants. Next, arrange by color within each color. It’s a great way to see visually what is missing or what could be updated. Also, you can see what you have too much of!

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2. Look at outfit inspirations

Do you have an item in your wardrobe that you aren’t sure how to pair with other things? Pinterest is your new best friend! It isn’t just for recipes and DIY crafts. For example, if you have a fur vest that you like but don’t know how to wear, type “fur vest outfit ideas” into the search box and tons of styling ideas will pop up.


3. Inspect your go-to items

Do you need to replace your favorite denim skinny jeans because they’re showing age? Or is your 5 year old cashmere sweater all pilled up? Allow yourself to splurge on classic and timeless pieces that you an wear over and over again and pair with many different items.


4. Wait to rip

Don’t take the tags off of new items right away. Try it with items you already have in your closet. My favorite is the rule of three. If you can’t make at least three different outfits with it, it’s not worth it! Return it!


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