How to: Style our Trek Jacket 6 different ways!


Our “Trek Jacket” was an immediate best seller!! We know you all can’t wait to wear it as soon as the weather cools down. This jacket can be worn sooo many different ways, probably more than you originally thought! Above you can see Jessica Alba sporting a similar style with a more dressy skirt. The possibilities truly are endless! Here are some more style inspirations to try.

With stripes


Olive green and stripes are a definite must! I love the way the texture of the military jacket complements the pattern of the stripe! Try your Trek jacket with stripe dresses or tops.

With dresses!

This brings me to my next point! Wear your Trek military jacket over dresses. It’s the perfect way to transition summer dresses into the fall. Ditch the flip flops and try a pair of boots or booties.

With ripped jeans!


Military look with ripped jeans…it doesn’t get much better than that! I love this look. It’s so classic and so in style right now. I also love how this girl chose to wear a subtle stripe tee underneath. This outfit is 100% chic and so effortless. Plus, check out our ripped denim jeans that would go so perfectly with your jacket! Shop them here!

With plain tanks!


You really don’t need to fret about how to make your Trek jacket look good. Add a basic white tank and jeans for a complete look that’s sooo fabulous.

With leggings!


Leggings are a girl’s best friend…hello comfort!! No more explanation needed.

With heels!


Yep, you can even wear your new jacket with heels!! Dress it up and it still looks great. Add some skinny denim or some leggings.

I bet you never even thought of some of these great ways to style your new look. If you haven’t ordered our Trek jacket yet, you can still order it from our website here! Have fun putting together outfits ladies!! 🙂


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