How to: Wear a Military Vest


Wear all black! Vests can be worn with leggings. It’s an easy casual look and super comfy.


A super layered look that’s easier than you think. Wear a white button down with a sweater and a vest on top. Add an infinity scarf for extra warmth.


Plaid and gingham prints both look great with military vests. Perfect for fall!


Soak up the last few days of summer by wearing a maxi dress with a military vest.


Just add a plain white tee! So easy. So stylish.


Stripes stripes stripes! Anything striped will look fabulous with a military vest. Add a statement necklace to dress up the look.


Blanket scarves are the #1 fall accessory. I love this plaid version. We have a similar style here.


Who knew?! This vest looks great with a pencil skirt!


A classic! A striped dress.


Love this uber layered look! Just a plain tank with an UNBUTTONED button down. I love the rolled jeans and the boots of course.

Shop our military vest here!


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