When Can I Start Wearing Boots? and More Answers To All Your Questions!

Recently I’ve had many customers ask when they can start wearing boots, vests, jackets, etc. Here are the answers to all your “when” questions!

When can I start wearing boots/booties?



There is no better time than now! The best way to incorporate boots/booties into your transitional outfit is with a dress. While it’s still a little warm outside, you don’t want to go full on fall with jeans, sweaters, and boots. Save a little bit of summer and add a little bit of fall by mixing the two looks! You won’t be sweating up a storm but you can still break into that new box of boots!

When can I start wearing vests?


My answer to this question is now and later. Don’t bring out your heavier fur vests quite yet. While it’s still technically summer, incorporate lighter vests into your wardrobe. A military vest is an easy way to transition into cooler temps. You can wear it with dresses or just a plain tee, jeans, and sandals. I would wait to wear your bulkier vests (like fur or shearling) until later in September or even October, depending on where you live. As the days become cooler, feel free to bring those warmer pieces out of hiding!

When can I start wearing jackets?


Once again, it’s totally acceptable to start wearing lighter weight jackets now. There really isn’t a “perfect time.” Instead of wearing a long sleeve top underneath, wear it with a short sleeve tee or even a tank. Plus, while it’s still pretty warm out, you can wear jackets with shorts. And of course, dresses look great with a little jacket on top!

When Can I start Wearing Scarves?


Scarves are the only thing that might make you feel too warm this time of year! Try a thinner fabric scarf that isn’t bulky. Wrap it around your neck in a way that keeps it away from your skin so it doesn’t add warmth. As summer fades, and the humidity finally subsides, then bring out your blanket scarves, infinity scarves, and heavier pieces.

Can I wear white after Labor Day?


The most asked question of all time! The answer is yes…you can! Obviously the white summer dresses need to be put away, but keep out your white jeans, tops, and tees. White jeans look great with boots in the fall! I love the outfit pictured above because it screams fall even though she’s wearing white jeans. White sweaters also look great in the cooler months. Have you ever heard of winter white? It’s a must-try trend! Don’t be afraid to wear white after Labor Day even though it might seem like a risk. Your friends will only admire your bravery (and your fierce outfit!)


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