How to: Wear Duck Boots

Oh my goodness!! We knew these rain/snow boots would become a hot commodity, but we never thought they would sell out so fast! It’s about time we had some stylish boots to wear on stormy days. Some of you might be saying “what on earth is a duck boot?!” They are comfy rubber soled rain boots that are made for the snow and ice. They keep your toes warm and the best part is they are so cute! Here are my top tips for how to wear these fab shoes.


These boots are the essence of keeping warm on cold days! Cozy up with comfy cardis and leggings. You can’t go wrong. Shop our new arrivals here.


Don’t be afraid to wear your boots with a skirt or dress. Even though it might feel odd in the beginning, it makes for a great outfit (not to mention practical!) Try wearing leggings underneath and then your boots.


Add some fun socks for extra warmth!! I love the scrunched style of wearing high socks with duck boots. Be bold and try different colors and patterns!


A classic fall look!! Throw on your favorite pair of skinny jeans and a fun sweater! You can’t go wrong.

Black Fur Lined Duck Boot at

I love when jeans are cuffed with ankle boots!! It just looks so cute and put together. Plus, you don’t have to worry about messing with your jeans.

I highly recommend these boots for the fall and winter months! Once the rain/snow hits, you’ll wish you had them!




Shop all our must-have duck boot styles here!


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