How To: Wear a blanket scarf

Blanket scarves are the new go-to accessory for fall! We love them because they’re oversized, comfy, and easy to style many different ways. One thing customers have remarked is that they do not know how to tie/wear these huge scarves! Here are some helpful tips.

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A very chic and unique way to wear your blanket scarf is with a belt! No tying required. Just fold into a triangle (bandana style) and drape around your shoulders and add a belt at the waist.


Fold the scarf into a triangle (like a bandana) and then put the pointed part in front of you on your chest. Then take the two tails and wrap them behind your head, going opposite ways until they meet in the middle. Then, to finish it off, tuck the tails under the pointed part. Or, just tuck one tail underneath and leave the other one draped on your shoulder.


Loosely related to the above style, fold your scarf into a triangle like a bandana. Then drape the pointy part on your chest and loosely drape the pointed parts around your neck, in a very relaxed style, nothing pulled too tight.


An easy style! No folding necessary. Just drape the scarf long ways around your neck and let it hang.

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