How To: Mix Prints

This season is all about mixing it up! One print is not enough, you need two or three to get a nice, cohesive look. The most popular prints to mix are leopard, plaid, and stripes. We love these new styling guidelines because it allows for much more creativity and fun!


I love leopard print in the fall! Switch out a basic tee for a striped tee and pair it with a leopard print scarf. This look is fearless and unique! Shop our leopard scarf here.


This is our favorite look showing off how to layer stripes and plaid! Believe it or not, this is our blanket scarf folded and finished off with a belt over a plain stripe tee. I just love how the stripes look popping out from under the scarf. So chic!


You would never think it, but plaid looks great layered under a stripe sweater as well! The rule book has been thrown out the window and now it’s all about playing with prints. Shop our plaid button downs here.


Yes, floral can be worn in the fall!! I love how this look has stripes on top and floral on the bottom. Stripes look fab with a BIG floral print. It works best if the print has negative space (in this case, the navy background). Try not to pair stripes with a small floral print.


A classic look! Transition your summer stripe dress into this season by adding a plaid blanket scarf and a jacket. Shop this scarf here.

Shop all our fall new arrivals here!


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