How to: Layer

Layering is probably the biggest issue I hear about with dressing for cooler weather. Women say they just don’t know what looks best together or how to layer adequately. Once you build up the right basics in your wardrobe, layering turns into an easy process. By adding an extra top or tank underneath, you create a more uniformed and put together look. Check out my tips and tricks to making layering easy!

pulse 9

Stripe long sleeve tees are a major must…in multiple colors!! This cardi would not look as poppin without the stripes underneath. Even though this is long sleeve, it looks great with the sleeves pushed up so the stripe tee can show underneath. This is the easiest way to layer! When in doubt, add a stripe tee underneath.


Having a basic white tee on hand is also a perfect piece for layering. I love the solid white under this black/.grey poncho. It creates a great contrast!


A classic layering look! Take a collared button down (plaid, print, or solid) and wear it under a sweater! Make sure it’s crisp and not bulky underneath. Let the cuffs and bottom of the shirt stick out. I love the plaid in this picture!


When layering an open cardi, make sure the top underneath is shorter. It will give you a better shape and overall a cleaner look. Cropped cardis can be flattering for shorter frames, but make sure the top is tucked in to create a waistline. See the photo below.


We have a fabulous tee that is perfect for layering. See it in multiple colors here!

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