The Rule of 3

If you’re not familiar with the rule of three, prepare for your mind to be blown! It’s ok if you don’t feel like a super fashionista, with the rule of three, you don’t have to be! This simple rule will make dressing yourself SO much easier. The rule of three refers to wearing 3 pieces (your basic outfit, either a dress or top and bottoms + 2 accessories). Your outfit counts as one piece, even if it’s two pieces. Then, add a purse, clutch, piece of jewelry, jacket, shrug, whatever you want! Your look will feel way more complete and be totally transformed into a put together ensemble!


In this outfit, you can see the 3 pieces. The dress counts as one and then the bracelet counts as two, and the bag is three! This outfit looks way better than if you were just wearing the dress. Shop this look.


Or, add a jacket! Instead of the bracelet, a jacket is a great way to pull your outfit together. Shop this look.


By adding the necklace and bag, this look is way more put together than if you were just wearing the dress! Remember, your second and third pieces can be jewelry or a purse. Shop this look.


Again, instead of the bag, you could add a jacket! The same effect is created and the rule of three is working fabulously. Try this rule next time you’re getting dressed! It makes finding an outfit way easier and kind of fun! Shop this look.

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