How to: Beat the winter blues

It’s just like clockwork, every year around February I start to get super sick and tired of winter! My skin feels ghost white, I’m getting bored of winter clothes, and the dead trees and grass makes me forget spring even exists. This is the time when I have to actively work on being energized and getting things done. Check out my #1 tips for beating the winter blues!


  • Spring cleaning: just because it isn’t here yet, you will feel SO much better in a clean house/room/apartment. We’re stuck inside anyways so we might as well make use of our time! Then, once spring comes and the weather turns nicer, your deep cleaning is done and you can enjoy!


  • Pinterest is your BFF. Find something new and exciting to cook (maybe a Caribbean or Jamaican dish!) to help lift your spirits.


  • The same goes for finding a project or craft! Look for thousands of DIY crafts on Pinterest. There are cute wreaths and decorations you can make with leftover Christmas ornaments, for example. It doesn’t have to be too hard or too expensive. Shifting your focus to something creative helps bring up your mood, plus adding something fun into your space is always nice too!


  • Plan a date night! Pick a fun new restaurant or movie you want to see (there are always good movies coming out during the winter months). This will get you looking forward to something and a fun reason to dress up.

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  • Start shopping for spring! Stores are already filling up with new spring clothes. Who cares if you can’t wear them yet, you can hang them in your closet and stare at them and dream about beaches and pools and warmer temps…and maybe also a frozen margarita 😉

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