How to: Wear your spring dress NOW

I get the dilemma, you can’t wait to wear your flirty spring dresses but the weather just isn’t warm enough yet. You absolutely have to try out a belted outfit this spring!! The best part is, you can build it right from items you already have in  your closet.  By adding a sweater and belting it at your waist, you create a wear-now look (that’s also super chic!)


I love how this floral spring dress is paired with a sweater in a corresponding color! It looks both put-together and weather appropriate. The pop of color in the belt is also a nice touch!


This look shows a longer style blazer-like jacket with a shorter dress. Even though the two pieces are almost the same length, it still looks really good together! The belt really finishes off the look nicely.


On the other hand, this mid-thigh dress looks AMAZING with a long cardi! They are both about the same length and look like they were meant to be worn together. The belt at the natural waist gives a nice, flattering silhouette.


I am a total sucker for maxi dresses! The belted look works perfect for long dresses too.


This also looks gorgeous for dressier occasions as well! If you have a spring wedding to attend, this is the perfect answer to any question about weather being “iffy” or if the ceremony/reception is outside.

Now, create your own look! SHOP DRESSES


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