12 Fashion Hacks Every Woman Should Know

1. How to break in your flats…in FIVE minutes

  1. Put on socks  and slip on your shoes.
  2. Aim the hairdryer on the tight section for a few seconds (wiggle and stretch your feet inside the shoe for maximum benefit).
  3. Keep the shoes on while they cool.
  4. Remove the socks and test out shoes.
  5. It should be stretched out, but if you need more room, then repeat the process


2. Have rings that discolor your finger?

Use clear nail polish on the inside, preventing your fingers from discoloring.


3. How to tuck non-skinny jeans into boots


4. Stuck zipper?

Fix it by rubbing the teeth of the zipper with a graphite pencil tip.

5. Wine gets out wine

Red wine stain? Use a cloth dipped in white wine to get it out.

6. Brighten up your clothes

Add a dash of pepper to the wash load to brighten your colored garments.

7. Oil stain?

Let the stain soak in baby powder overnight.

8. Prevent buttons from falling off

Coat the threads on the button in clear nail polish.

9. Say goodbye to sweat stains on clothes

Spray lemon juice under the arms of your white clothing right before you put it in the wash to prevent yellow sweat stains.

10. Foundation stains be gone

Use a little bit of shaving cream to get rid of foundation stains on clothes


11. Quickly soothe blisters

Use deodorant to soothe sore blisters in a hurry.


12. Loose sunglasses?

Use clear nail polish to tighten them up.




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