5 Fashion Tips for Busy Moms

This week we teamed up with Emily Soto from With Style & Grace blog to hear her tips for busy moms. As a mom of 2, she knows how to stay fashionable in a small amount of time!! Read her post below:

As you know, I’m a mom of two girls. Julianna is six and Olivia will be four this month. I have three part-time jobs (yes, three) on top of motherhood so I’m a busy mom and always on the go. I have made a list of a few tips to help other busy moms stay functional and fashionable:

1. Plan ahead. On Sunday afternoons, I check the forecast to plan out looks for the whole week. I literally even plan out the accessories, shoes, and bag that I will use. I take pictures of this outfits to reference on my phone during the week and I also usually post them on my Instagram feed as well. I absolutely do not have time to think about what I’m going to wear at 6:30 am on a Monday morning.

2. Choose a statement piece. I always pick one item that is the center of attention in my outfit. For the first outfit below, it’s the top then I kept everything else very basic and neutral. Sometimes my bag or necklace is the statement piece and everything else is simple.

3. Wear dresses. Dresses are absolutely the easiest way to look put together and fast! Throw on a simple black maxi dress (like I have styled below), a bright purse, and comfy sandals. Outfit complete. You could literally be dressed in two minutes. I love, love, love dresses!

4. Get rid of uncomfortable clothes. This seems obviously but clothes that you don’t feel good in, get rid of them! This will make getting dressed more simple because you won’t be tempted to try on something in the morning that doesn’t work for you. I have been guilty of having a pile of clothes that I dislike in my closet thinking they might work later. Let ’em go!

5. Be you. Who cares if you might be overdressed or too casual?! Wear what you love. Your confidence always shines from within anyways.

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