2 Shopping apps you need to use

I’ve always been interested in shopping apps but never took the time to try any out. But, over the past few weeks I downloaded a few of the most popular apps and gave them each a try. Here is what I found:

2 Apps You NEED to Download


Maybe you’ve heard of it, because Poshmark is growing in popularity everyday! It’s a very legit shopping app where you can buy used and new items. I found a lot of designer pieces at great prices. Also, users can host “parties” where specific brands or types of items go on sale for a period of time. When you sign up, it asks you what brands you like the best and then you can find those items in your feed. Another great feature is it asks for your sizes so only items in your size will show up in the feed. Plus, you can even sell some of your own items!

Here’s the link to download Poshmark

Wanelo Shopping

Wanelo is short for (Want, Need, Love) and the truth is I love it!! When you sign up, it shows you several photos of items (clothing or accessories) and you tap either love it or don’t love it. Then, it suggests items for you based off what you love. The photos were really good and the items were so cute.

Link to download Wanelo

2 Apps You Shouldn’t Try


This app seemed to have a lot of out of style, off-season, used items for sale. The pictures were mostly low quality and didn’t have much buyers appeal. I would skip this one and try one of the two mentioned above.


This app is a virtual garage sale and hooks you up to a community near where you live. But, it is like a garage sale in that most of the items are out of style, old, and used. I didn’t spend too much time on this one because it didn’t capture my attention, even though I like the idea of an online garage sale with local items!




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