Eliminate hours of frustration trying on styles that are not made for you

Imagine knowing EXACTLY what you are looking for the next time you are out shopping! The days of frustration where we waste our time trying on endless styles that don’t work can be eliminated with a little education about silhouettes and our own personal traits. You may have tried to gain a better understanding in the past and felt overwhelmed, especially with so much conflicting information about body shapes. Not now…It’s time to clear up the confusion!

You may be asking, “Why is it important to know my body shape?” Knowing your body shape is essential in selecting the right styles that look best…for you. Instead of trying to change how we look, we need to accept the body we have and dress to accentuate our best assets, hiding what we don’t want seen.

While doing research, we discovered many different body shape terms, including one called the Lollipop!! Who made that one up?! Don’t fret, because what really matters are the 5 basic body shapes. To make this exercise super easy, each shape is charted on the info-graphic below.

First, identify which shape best matches your figure. Once you know your unique body shape, review your goal, what to avoid, pieces to wear, and where you should focus to achieve a flattering wardrobe tailored just for you! For more inspiration, check out the “Celebrities to Watch” section. A simple Google search will lend tons of outfit ideas for inspiration. Let’s get started…

Pulse Blog Body Styles copy.jpg


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