The Benefits of a Decluttered Life

Simple steps to organize your life and the 3 best websites to make money on your old clothes.


While the idea of decluttering one’s space is appealing to most of us, it can also be incredibly overwhelming. We put it off because they don’t know where to begin, or afraid of getting rid of items we will miss later. While much is written about closet cleaning tips – i.e., if you haven’t worn something in a year, remove it (which isn’t always a good rule of thumb, by the way) – try focusing on the end result rather than the best ways to complete the daunting task at hand. What will you gain by losing??? There are so many amazing benefits to decluttering your space, once you start thinking of it in terms of how decluttering will enRICH your life, you’ll want to get started right away!

Source: Pink Fox

First, like a glamorized memory of an ex-boyfriend, where you held onto the hope that maybe someday he would turn into someone who meets your needs, chances are you’ve got a pair of jeans that have never quite fit the right way, or maybe you’re hanging onto that cheesy sparkly dress from your clubbing days a decade ago, or that work button down that reminds you of a former job you hated. Ladies, set yourselves free! Cleanse your closet of memories that don’t serve you well. Come to terms with the fact that not all jeans are made for all women. Yes – break up with the pieces of your wardrobe that no longer suit you. Your reward will be a better sense of self-awareness about your present life and the style that fits your style.

Second, a decluttered, more purposeful closet, will make perusing your clothing less stressful and more manageable. When you’re cleaning, empty your closet first, so you can really familiarize yourself with what’s in there. Compare like items and decide how many pair of dark blue skinny jeans you really need and actually wear or how many black blouses is too many. Have a purpose for each piece. Understand which pieces you can mix and match to make the most of everything you’ve got – and rid yourself of the excess. You will find that, each time you go to get dressed, you’ll feel better knowing you’ve got a good handle on your options and that you’ve pared your closet down to the things that really work for you.

Source: Pink Fox

Third, closet cleaning will free up space to add some new things into the mix. While it’s a good idea for the majority of the more permanent placeholders in your closet to consist of classic, timeless pieces, it’s always fun to incorporate at least a few of the latest trends into your wardrobe. Pulse offers lots of affordable on-trend items that won’t break the bank and pair well with classic and transition pieces for your overall polished style.

Finally, onto the most tangibly enRICHing aspect of a good decluttering session: money in your pocket! This is not to suggest that you stop donating items to your favorite charities, but supplementing those donations with sales of your own will give you at least some return on your wardrobe investment. It’s fun to stop and consider that those items you bought on a whim and have never worn, or that no longer fit, or that have overstayed their welcome, might actually be worth something to you. Our increasingly mobile world offers so many channels through which to sell new or gently used, relatively valuable clothing, shoes and accessories. Local Facebook resale groups are a great option, as are websites/mobile apps like Tradesy, Poshmark, and TheardUp; which allow you to post your higher end item to an audience of targeted potential buyers and then ship anywhere in the world, while only taking a small percentage (i.e., Tradesy takes 9%) of your profit. Purging what you don’t need and making money for doing it – what could be better?!?

So, hop to it! Decluttering is an effective, cost free way to improve your life! What are you waiting for?!?

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