How to: Transition into spring with a denim jacket


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How to: Eliminate Packing Anxiety

Watch the above video for tips and tricks to eliminate packing chaos. Find our full Spring Break packing list here.

More packing tips:

  • Wear your bulkiest items on the day of travel! This can really save space in your suitcase.
  • When packing a beach bag, pack items inside and then pack the bag in your suitcase
  • If you’re wanting to pack a sun hat and don’t want to wear it on the way to your destination, make sure to pack small items (like socks) in the center of it to keep it from getting squished. Then, pack items around it to keep it stable.
  • Are you packing for a humid climate? Add dryer sheets inside your suitcase to keep your clothes fresh and smelling clean.
  • The last step before you close your suitcase is to cover the top of your clothing/items with a plastic dry cleaning bag. This helps ward off wrinkles.

PLUS blogger Carylee from More Pieces of Me breaks down how to pack efficiently for going through airport security. With her tips, you’ll be on the beach in no time! Check it out!

Your absolute must haves for a week of surf, sand, and fun

We know you’re counting down the days to Spring Break! There is nothing better than jetting off for a whole week of fun!

Gone are the days of lugging around numerous bags and totes. To help you plan your stress-free vay-k, we’ve compiled the ultimate spring break essentials list.

Go ahead and start gathering what you have and shopping for what you need—we’re confident that when it comes time to pack, you’ll be done and ready to go in no time (and, likely, in one bag.) Bon voyage!

  • 2 pairs of shorts


Pack a unique pair of shorts like this lace inset pair!

  • 3 tank tops/t-shirts


So easy to throw tees and tanks on over shorts!

  • 2 sundresses or rompers


My personal favorite “run-around” look for spring break, an easy sundress!

  • 2 swimsuits



If you’re anything like me, you’ll try to pack a whole suit case just full of swimsuits. But, the truth is you only truly need 2 (3 at the most)!

  • 1 bathing suit cover up (hint: sundresses or rompers can also be worn as suit cover ups!)


This 95% cotton romper is perfect for wearing both as a day outfit AND an absorbent bathing suit cover up! It’s soft and comfy.

  • 1 sun hat


Hats are both stylish and functional!

  • 1 pair of sunglasses


Not sure what shape of sunglasses look best on your face? Check this out!

  • 1 pair of flip flops


Havaianas are our personal fave!

  • 1 pair of running shoes


Perfect for sight seeing, running on the beach, or for traveling in!

  • 1 bottle of sun screen


Don’t forget the most important part–you’re health! Check out the top most liked sun screens.

  • 1 beach bag

nautical stripe tote.jpg

Add a fun personalized touch with our monogram beach bag!

  • 1 pair of dressy shorts or skirt


  • 2-3 nice tops


  • 1 pair of comfortable heels or wedges (neutral color)


Stick to a neutral color heel so you don’t need to bring multiple pairs! We love our comfy and cute On the Go mule!

  • 1 “going out” dress


  • 1 pair of flats


You don’t have to be boring with your flats! Pack something unique and fun, like these now trending Huarache flats (coming soon to our website!)

  • 1 small clutch


Try finding one that is neutral in color or contains a lot of different colors (like the one above) so that it will match all your outfits!

  • Sleepwear

Hint: pack comfy street wear such as leggings, tank, and a t-shirt so that you can also wear them to travel or work out!

  • 1 cosmetic bag


We love this one because it’s the perfect size and can be monogrammed! Design yours!

  • 1 toiletries bag
  • undergarments (bras, underwear, socks)
  • 1 light sweater or wrap

It can get cool at night and you’ll be happy to have something to keep you warm on the plane!

  • laundry bag
  • cell phone charger/camera/iPod/electronics